Images of Native American

 Life And Culture


"Our elders have much to say, often not in words, sometimes only with a quiet smile or in the way they hold an ear of corn. 


From the high mesas of Arizona's Hopi Land, to the mysterious Black Hills of South Dakota, there is something very special about Traditional Original Life and Spirit."


Today, as for all time, there are two worlds: The world of the prevailing powers and the world of Nature and the Spirit. 

I think of the Beauty and Sacrifice at Standing Rock, and my heart is lifted by the power and strength of the people.

We are all Protectors. 

I hope the Tribal Heart pictures speak good thoughts.



The Beauty and Mystery of Plant Life

from many different places


" A very special book greatly influenced my understanding of and attraction to the Botanical World:


"the Secret Life of Plants" 

by Christopher Bird and Peter Tompkins (1973) 

It revealed a whole new world to me.

This was a fascinating account of the physical, emotional and spiritual relations between plants and mankind."

My love affair with the Botanical World has been a life long journey. Learning what I can, and receiving the beauty of the plants." 

Doorway thru time.jpg


Vacations and Meditative Spaces for the Mind

" I was inspired by the possibility of how a state of mind might translate visually.

In today's world, we are so often over stressed.

I am interested in making images that would be an oasis for the mind and senses.


The Floating World series is a counter balance to the chatter of our often anxious minds;

the images are intended to offer an experience,

a reflection of a state of being-

     emotional, sensual, inspirational.    

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Images of light, life and the spirit of the Southwest