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to be a doorway into transformative moments either past or present that may involve sight, sound, smell or memory

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Black and White Photograph on Museum Paper 16x20”

Zuliekha The Dancer of Stories, Teachings and Joy she teaches girls and young women all over the world.

this was a small family chapel in Santa Fe

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Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico

Featured on the cover of Katrina Raphael’s book

”Crystal Healing”. This Crystal Mandala has quite a story:

Katrina called and asked if I could do an image

that would evoke and transmit the deep essence of a crystal...

I paused at the question and quite confidently replied,

yes, I could, thinking of the Mandalas of Earth Forms

that I had been making over the years in energy vortex places like

Canyon de Chelly, Hopi, different sites...

When I worked with this large crystal

I felt it transmitted its clarity and spirit.

Its one of those unusual images that you can look at one day

and see something entirely new in it the next.

A focus for Healing and Meditation.

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